Install firmware Update for Morserino-32

You have to use Chrome or Edge as your browser, and a driver for the Silicon Labs  CP210x USB to serial device installed on your computer. Connect your Morserino with a suitable USB cable (fit for data transfer, not just for power supply).

This is still experimental! Use at your own risk!

So far this has been turned out to be very reliable. The worst that can happen is that you need to re-flash your Morserino through the standard USB method.  If you click the „erase device“ box, all data (parameters, WiFi credentials, etc) will be deleted. But this may be helpful if  the permanent memory of the M32 got corrupted…

Observed problems: After update, the sleep function might not wake up with the RED button. After one or two restarts with power off/on, the problem seems to go away. The real cause has not been determined yet - maybe it does not occur if a hard reset or power off/on is performed before the device goes to sleep.

After clicking Connect, a pop-up window will appear. 

Please select the correct USB port in that window.

IMPORTANT: Please shut down / power off your Morserino after update has been completed!

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Latest Release

This is what you probably should install. Click „Connect“ to begin.

Do not click the „Erase Device“ Checkbox, unless you want all data wiped and reset to factory settings!

(The „Logs and Console“ function does nothing useful, at the moment.)

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Sometimes a pre-release version is available here, if a „Connect“ button is visible below; this is only recommended if you want to test new features and report back about your findings. It is probably untested, and certain things might be broken, so beware!

(You can always go back and install the latest release version.)

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