Firmware has been updated to version 3.0.1

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There is now a Morserino User Group

In order to create and foster a community of Morserino users, a user group has been created. This allows you to discuss issues and experience with your fellow users, be it hardware related, software related or relating to the best use of the device for learning or improving Morse code skills.

Sign up to the user group using the sign-up form on this page!


Kickstarter campaign was successful!

So this has not only reached its funding goal - 191 backers pledged 18.709€ (that's more than 21.000 US$). As a percentage, that's 340% of the funding goal.

216 kits will be shipped to the backers, plus a few PCBs. 

Of course I will keep you updated here about anything that's worthwhile knowing. I am convinced that you will love your Morserino-32, and that this device is truly unique in its market. And you guys, you made it possible!

PS: Did you know, that not even 20% of all Kickstarter technology projects did reach their funding goal?

Kickstarter campaign is online now!

The campaign on Kickstarter is now online, and will tun until November 6…. so be quick!

Here is the link!

Morserino-32 will be an exhibit at the TEDx event in Vienna on Saturday, October 20!

Hardware Design Should be Close to Final

Version 2 of the board is now ready for production, and has been sent to the PCB factory. Unless serious issues are discovered, this will be the version that will be shipped with the kit.

Changes / Improvements: 

The output for keying a transmitter is now through a 2-way 3.5mm  phone jack. Keying is done not through a transistor, but through a Mosfet optocoupler. Voltages up to 60V and of any polarity can be keyed now, and in addition provides complete isolation of the Morserino from the transmitter.

A 4-way 3.5mm phone jack will provide audio input (for the CW decoder) and audio line-out. The latter is independent from the volume control and delivers roughly 100 mV eff. audio, which comes pretty close to a sine wave after having passed  a RC lowpass filter of the 3rd degree. This can be used fo applications like iCW (Internet CW - see, a nice way to practice Morse code with a buddy over the Internet. A standard 4-way 3.5mm audio cable will be needed to connect Morserino-32 instead of a headset to your computer.

The audio input will be amplified by a rail-to-rail OpAmp, before it is fed into the ESP32 processor for audio filtering and decoding.

From a software point of view, the biggest changes I am working on right now are:

  • Support for an iCW transceiver modus.
  • Improvements to the Koch method, making Morserino-32 an ideal device for absolute beginners.

Ordering a Morserino-32

Towards the end of September you can expect to be able to order a Morserino-32 kit. In all likelihood this will be done initially through a Kickstarter campaign - this reduces the risks for both you and me. When the campaign starts, you will see updated photos and videos that give you a good impression about the capabilities of the device. Of course I will announce the start of the campaign through this mailing list!

HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen: Morserino-32 was greeted with a lot of interest!AND:Frequently Asked Questions

Morserino-32 was demonstrated at the Ham Radio 2018, and I think that most people who saw it were quite enthusiastic about it.

There is a short report about it at the blog (it is in German, but Google Translate will be your friend).

The (bi-lingual) slides of OE6RDD's presentation that featured the Morserino-32 can be found at the site of CW Schule Graz.

There are videos demonstrating some of Morserino-32's features (they were part of the presentation), and you can find the link on this website.

Spread the Word!

If you think that Morserino is an interesting project, please spread the word amongst your fellow hams, your local clubs or your rag-chew partners;  point them to and the  mailing list that can be subscribed  here. A higher production volume will bring the price down and hence benefit all of you!


There is now also a section on this website, where I collect Frequently Asked Questions (and answers, of course!). Obviously, at this early stage of the project, some of the answers will be a bit tentative - but they will get updates as we march along!

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