HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen: Morserino-32 was greeted with a lot of interest!
Frequently Asked Questions

Morserino-32 was demonstrated at the Ham Radio 2018, and I think that most people who saw it were quite enthusiastic about it.

There is a short report about it at the blog hamspirit.de (it is in German, but Google Translate will be your friend).

The (bi-lingual) slides of OE6RDD's presentation that featured the Morserino-32 can be found at the site of CW Schule Graz.

There are videos demonstrating some of Morserino-32's features (they were part of the presentation), and you can find the link on this website.

Spread the Word!

If you think that Morserino is an interesting project, please spread the word amongst your fellow hams, your local clubs or your rag-chew partners;  point them to morserino.info and the  mailing list that can be subscribed  here. A higher production volume will bring the price down and hence benefit all of you!


There is now also a section on this website, where I collect Frequently Asked Questions (and answers, of course!). Obviously, at this early stage of the project, some of the answers will be a bit tentative - but they will get updates as we march along!

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