The new way to practice Morse code.

All documentation and software is in the Public Domain and can be downloaded from:

Videos showing some of the Morserino-32 functionality! Provided by CW-Schule Graz

Training: Characters

Training: Call Signs (max 3 chars long)

Training: Common CW Abbreviations

High Speed (25 WpM)

Very High Speed (40 WpM - Audio only)

Price of the kit (complete as seen in the photo at the top of the page, with case from acrylic glass, and 433 MHz antenna):

85 € or ∼99 US$ including world-wide shipping

How to order a Morserino-32

Buy here and pay with PayPal! 

Use the Buy Now Button at the top of the right hand column for a single kit or a Double Pack!


You want to order more than one or two kits?

No problem. There are prices for bulk orders:

5 kits or more: 78 € or ∼ 91.50 $ per kit. 

8 kits or more: 77 € per kit or ∼ 90 $.

15 kits or more: 76 € per kit or ~ 89 $.

Just send me an email (click here) with your requirements and I will get back to you!

Features of the Morserino-32: 

The features currently implemented are as follows:

  • Hardware
    • ESP32 Microcontroller w/ WiFi, Bluetooth & LoRa
    • OLED Display (128 x 64 pixels, monochrome)
      • 1 status line
      • 3 line text screen with 15 line buffer (you can scroll back)
    • Comes with a pair of capacitive touch paddles
    • User interface through one Rotary Encoder and one Push Button switch
    • Connections for:
      • Transceiver
      • Audio in (for Morse decoder) and Line-out (for things like iCW etc)
      • Headphone output
      • Capacitive touch paddles (which are included)
      • External Paddle or Straight Key (Straight Key currently for Decoder mode only)
    • Power supply:
      • LiPo battery (standard batter as used in quadcopters etc.) 600 – 1200 mAh recommended
      • USB Power for charging (Micro USB Connector)
      • Deep sleep function (including automatic time out)
      • Battery switch to disconnect battery completely
    • Firmware Update through WiFi
  • CW Keyer
    • Speed variable with encoder (5-50 wpm)
    • Built-in capacitive touch paddles or external paddles
    • Polarity of paddle can be changed (dots on left or right paddle)
    • Iambic A, B and Ultimatic mode
    • Iambic B parameters (timing) configurable, independently for dots  and dashes
    • Pitch control
    • Output volume control
    • Optional ACS (Automatic Character Spacing)
  • CW Trainer (Code generator)
    • Speed variable with encoder (5-50 wpm)
    • Generates random character groups, call signs, common CW abbreviations incl. Q-Groups, common English words
    • Select which characters to be output (Koch method, or combination of alpha, numerals, interpunction, pro signs)
    • Define length of words to be output
    • Increase inter-character space (like Farnsworth method)
    • Increase inter-word space
    • Optional: output each word twice
    • Can also play text files in Morse Code, these can be uploaded through WiFi
      • Files can contain ASCII text and pro-signs
      • Words in files can also be played randomly
  • CW Echo Trainer (Challenge / Response)
    • Morserino-32 prompts you with a word in CW, and you have to respond by repeating it with the paddle
    • Large variety of words, as in the CW Trainer
    • Ideal for learning to read Morse code in your head!
  • CW Decoder (from straight key) or with audio input
    • Check and improve the quality of your straight key fist by using the decoder
    • Decode Morse code received by a shortwave receiver
  • CW Transceiver
    • Using LoRa (Long Range WiFi)  in the 432 MHz ISM Band!
    • Great for learning how to conduct QSOs in CW
    • Ideal for group learning or learning with a teacher / mentor
    • You can also use Morserino-32 for iCW (CW over Internet using the Mumble protocol)
  • Firmware can be updated over WiFi
    • See video below


By Ham Radio Crash Course 

© morserino Team -  Willi Kraml 2018