The new way to practice Morse code.

New Firmware Version 3.x also allows the use of a straight key for all modes!

And you can transceive not just over LoRa, but also over WiFi (and hence across the Internet)!

Video demonstrating Transceive mode over the Internet, via

There is also a QSO bot for the Morserino-32, by John, M0STQ - see

All documentation and software is in the Public Domain and can be downloaded from:

There is also a firmware version (called „Morselino“), created and maintained by Mathias Jordan, that supports a straight key also for Echo Trainer:

Videos showing some of the Morserino-32 functionality! Provided by CW-Schule Graz

Series - Learning CW with the Morserino-32:

Training: Characters

Training: Call Signs (max 3 chars long)

Training: Common CW Abbreviations

High Speed (25 WpM)

Very High Speed (40 WpM - Audio only)

Price of the kit (complete as seen in the photo at the top of the page, with case from acrylic glass, and 433 MHz antenna):

85 € or ∼99 US$ including world-wide shipping

How to order a Morserino-32

Buy here and pay with PayPal! 

Use the Buy Now Button at the top of the right hand column for a single kit or a Double Pack!


You want to order more than one or two kits?

No problem. There are prices for bulk orders:

5 kits or more: 78 € or ∼ 91.50 $ per kit. 

8 kits or more: 77 € per kit or ∼ 90 $.

15 kits or more: 76 € per kit or ~ 89 $.

Just send me an email (click here) with your requirements and I will get back to you!

Features of the Morserino-32: 

The features currently implemented are as follows:

  • Hardware
    • ESP32 Microcontroller w/ WiFi, Bluetooth & LoRa
    • OLED Display (128 x 64 pixels, monochrome)
      • 1 status line
      • 3 line text screen with 15 line buffer (you can scroll back)
    • Comes with a pair of capacitive touch paddles
    • User interface through one Rotary Encoder and one Push Button switch
    • Connections for:
      • Transceiver
      • Audio in (for Morse decoder) and Line-out (for things like iCW etc)
      • Headphone output
      • Capacitive touch paddles (which are included)
      • External Paddle or Straight Key (Straight Key currently for Decoder mode only)
    • Power supply:
      • LiPo battery (standard batter as used in quadcopters etc.) 600 – 1200 mAh recommended
      • USB Power for charging (Micro USB Connector)
      • Deep sleep function (including automatic time out)
      • Battery switch to disconnect battery completely
    • Firmware Update through WiFi
  • CW Keyer
    • Speed variable with encoder (5-50 wpm)
    • Built-in capacitive touch paddles or external paddles
    • Polarity of paddle can be changed (dots on left or right paddle)
    • Iambic A, B and Ultimatic mode
    • Iambic B parameters (timing) configurable, independently for dots  and dashes
    • Pitch control
    • Output volume control
    • Optional ACS (Automatic Character Spacing)
  • CW Trainer (Code generator)
    • Speed variable with encoder (5-50 wpm)
    • Generates random character groups, call signs, common CW abbreviations incl. Q-Groups, common English words
    • Select which characters to be output (Koch method, or combination of alpha, numerals, interpunction, pro signs)
    • Define length of words to be output
    • Increase inter-character space (like Farnsworth method)
    • Increase inter-word space
    • Optional: output each word twice
    • Can also play text files in Morse Code, these can be uploaded through WiFi
      • Files can contain ASCII text and pro-signs
      • Words in files can also be played randomly
  • CW Echo Trainer (Challenge / Response)
    • Morserino-32 prompts you with a word in CW, and you have to respond by repeating it with the paddle
    • Now also supports straight key!
    • Large variety of words, as in the CW Trainer
    • Ideal for learning to read Morse code in your head!
  • Koch Method
    • Learn charcater by character
    • Use CW Generator and Echo Trainer for characters alreaday learned
    • New: support of custom charcater set to train exactly what you need
  • CW Decoder (from straight key) or with audio input
    • Check and improve the quality of your straight key fist by using the decoder
    • Decode Morse code received by a shortwave receiver
  • CW Transceiver
    • Using LoRa (Long Range WiFi)  in the 432 MHz ISM Band!
    • Great for learning how to conduct QSOs in CW
    • Ideal for group learning or learning with a teacher / mentor
    • You can also use Morserino-32 for iCW (CW over Internet using the Mumble protocol) - you need to connect to a PC for that
    • New transceiver mode WiFi Trx allows Morse communication across the Internet (directly over IP, no PC needed)
  • Firmware can be updated over WiFi
    • See video below
    • Update through USB now also possible

You can extend the functionality
of the Morserino-32 by using add-on PC software, provided by 3rd parties:

Review of the Morserino-32:

By Ham Radio Crash Course 

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